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You might be a travel nurse if…

 . . .you’re amazed every time you open your paycheck (in a good way).
-Travel nursing can have its downsides, but luckily this isn’t one of them!

 . . .you’re amazed at tax season (in a not-so-fun way).
-Ah, the joys of multi-state employment. (Word to the wise: find an accountant
who is familiar with the complexity of a mobile profession: they will be your best
friend come tax season.)

 . . .you’re not quite sure what zip code you live in.
-And, you’re still getting mail at five different addresses.

. . .you use Skype. . .a lot.
-You no longer know how to make a phone call without a laptop.

 . . .you carry your own roll of “Hello, My Name Is” stickers.

 . . .you can understand and speak in every United States accent.
-You’re as at home with Tennessee drawl as you are with Minnesotan.

 . . .your friends and family think you’re a secret agent.
-Well, no, but you’re the next best thing.

 . . .you own scrubs in every possible color/shade.
-From Eggplant to Cyan to Prussian blue.

. . .your “vacations” are less exotic than your work assignments.
-You cash in your frequent flyer miles after that assignment in Honolulu…
and go visit the folks back home.