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You Just Received Your First Travel Nursing Assignment: What Happens Next?

Congratulations! You’ve made a great career choice. Travel nursing is a unique and valuable way to expand your nursing knowledge, boost your resume and tour the country. So, now that you’ve accepted your first assignment, below are a few steps to prepare for departure!

What to bring with you

It can be nerve-wracking getting ready for your first assignment, but with some practice you’ll be a seasoned pro. It helps to know ahead of time what’s available as part of your housing assignment. This is information your recruiter can help you with. You may want to pack any of the following:

  • Your clothes and shoes, including workout gear and your uniforms.
  • A GPS to help you get around.
  • Chargers for your cell phone, computer and any electronic equipment.
  • A small first aid kit and any medications you take.
  • Pet care items if you’ll be traveling with a furry companion.
  • Your license, identification and other important paperwork.

To help travel lightly, you can purchase many other items cheaply from a discount store once you arrive at your destination. This includes kitchenware items, toiletries and even bedding. If you’ll need to furnish your temporary living space (check with your recruiter beforehand), it can help to visit affordable stores like Ikea or Target, or even a consignment shop.

Get to know your surroundings

Before you leave, your recruiter can help you brush up on everything you’ll need to know about your temporary home. This includes public transportation or parking (if you’re bringing your car), safe neighborhoods and things to see and do. It also helps to travel with a GPS to learn how to get around your new city. Plus, never discount the help of nurses who live locally—your co-workers can help you learn more about hot spots and must-see sights!

Keep a “go bag”

If this is the first of many travel nurse assignments, it can help to keep a bag packed you can quickly grab and go. Your go bag should include copies of important documents, toiletries, personal items and even a few outfits. You can always add last-minute things such as uniforms and workout gear right before you hit the road—but having a starting point for packing can make it much faster and easier.

Looking for your next travel nurse placement?

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, you may find you’re ready to take on more travel nurse jobs! And MedPro Healthcare Staffing is an expert staffing partner to help you find travel placements you love. We’re a top travel RN staffing agency that offers top-notch service plus the unique MedPro Experience. To learn more, call 1-800-866-8108 or apply below.


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