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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Traveling Pharmacist Resume

If you’re an experienced pharmacist (at least one or two years of professional experience behind you) and have ever wanted to explore the career of a traveling pharmacist, now is a good time to do so.

You’re going to need a resume, of course, so we’ve put together a short primer on how to write a great resume to make you attractive to traveling healthcare staffing services.

One thing you want to remember as you craft the resume – as well as your cover letter – is that you want to emphasize how flexible and adaptable you are and that you’re extremely comfortable with change and working with many different people of different backgrounds and personalities.

Once you start to write, consider using this “formula”:

  1. Your headline should be brief and describe you in a handful of words. An example: “Licensed Pharmacist with PharmD and MBA – 10 years’ Retail Management Experience.”
  2. Next comes what some people call your Summary or Qualifications Summary. This is a short paragraph that describes your career history as well as accomplishments within that career. You want to make sure you mention the software or systems with which you’re familiar, any management experience you may have as well as any awards/citations you may have received.
  3. Next comes your employment history. You present your work history in reverse chronological order (your last or present employer/position goes first). It’s here that you’ll describe your job duties as well as your accomplishments. (Be as specific as possible: you improved workflow by 25 percent, you saved your employer 10 percent because of a process or system you developed, you cut back on wasted inventory by 15 percent, etc.).
  4. Next you list your educational degrees and credentials, with your most recent degree listed first.
  5. You’ll then list your specialties, such as nuclear pharmaceuticals, ICU, retail, etc., and then your primary skills (pharmaceutical research, dispensing/compounding, medication therapy, etc.).
  6. You may add other headings, as applicable, such as language skills, published articles, community activities (that are more professional than personal in nature, such as Rotary memberships rather than being a member of your choir at church), technical skills, etc.

Once you have a first draft, put it away for a day or two (at least overnight). Then come back to it with fresh eyes to revise it and to ensure there are no typos or misspellings. Ask a friend or family member to proof your final draft.

One important note, don’t be afraid to revise your resume slightly for every employer. No pharmacy position – and certainly no travel staffing company – is alike and if you can show that you’ve looked at the employer’s website and have researched his needs, all the better.

You may not be able to personalize each resume, but you definitely should (must!) personalize each cover letter.

Once you’ve crafted your pharmacist resume, send it to a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter. We have many travel pharmacist and pharm tech positions at hospitals, pharmacies and medical centers all across the nation. Contact us today.