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Why You Should Apply for a Fast-Paced RN Job in the ER

The job of an emergency room nurse can be exciting, hectic, frustrating, tiring, noisy and chaotic; however, it is never boring. Every day brings something different.

About 30 percent of the nurses in the United States are emergency room nurses. They generally work long hours – half work shifts longer than 10 hours. They have to make quick evaluations of patients and give quick treatment. They need to handle a variety of tasks.

The day usually begins with getting mentally prepared. Before beginning their shift, ER nurses are informed of the situation in the ER and the patients they will handle. The most common conditions ER nurses see are abdominal pain, chest pain and contusions.

ER nurses see people of all ages and conditions, but are more likely to treat the very young and very old – infants younger than one year and people over the age of 85 have the highest rate of ER visits. The elderly are most likely to be admitted to hospital. Usually, just over 10 percent of people who go to the emergency room are admitted.

The tasks performed by ER nurses can range from inserting IVs to doing bloodwork and comforting families. They also do things like stabilizing trauma patients, helping to relieve pain, uncovering medical conditions and giving information to patients about preventing injuries.

You don’t get many breaks in the ER – as soon as one patient is discharged, another one is admitted to take their place.

ER nurses spend a good deal of time preparing for procedures as well. In fact, more time is spent prepping than on the actual procedure. To be a good ER nurse, you need to be efficient, calm under pressure, focused, empathetic and able to juggle multiple tasks.

People become ER nurses because they like the variety and the fast pace. They like the challenge of having to make quick decisions and think on their feet. They like the stimulation, the action and seeing results right away. They like change and dislike routine.

The days are long and tiring, but a passion for helping others and a job that is both demanding and exhilarating draw many nurses to the ER. If you are an RN and like to work in a challenging environment, in a job that is never dull or routine, you may want to consider becoming an ER nurse.

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