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Why You Need to Conduct a Career Audit – 7 Tips for Allied Healthcare Professionals

A career audit is something everyone needs to do from time to time. You need to take a step back and look at where you are in your career to assess how things are going. The audit is a way of assessing what you have achieved and what you would like to achieve, to set a course for the future. Here are a few tips on how to do a career audit.

  1. Evaluate your present status. How do you feel about your current healthcare job? Are you where you expected to be at this point in your career? Do you find the work satisfying? Look at your status with a critical eye in terms of where you eventually want to be; then figure out what you need to do to get there.
  2. Establish goals. Do you have a career goal? If not, the audit is an opportunity todevelop one. Think about yourself and what motivates you. Are you looking to advance to a position with more authority and responsibility? Are you more interested in something on the Male technician analyzing blood sample in medical laboratorycutting edge of healthcare? Are more concerned about a higher salary? Your goals will dictate what you need to do in order to achieve them.
  3. The audit is a chance to look into your profession, to find out what the trends are, what the challenges are and what opportunities are available.
  4. Do your job well. Whatever plans you have, they will depend on your performance in your current job. Make sure you do your job well. If your performance is not meeting expectations, it will be difficult to make any progress in your career growth.
  5. Think about what training you need. To move ahead in your career you may need more education, perhaps a certification in a particular area. Do you need more training to achieve your goals? If you do, make plans for how you will go about getting that training.
  6. Networking is not something you do only when you are looking for a job. It is something you should be doing all of the time. It is important to keep in touch with other people in your profession. They can be great sources of information about what is going on in your field; what the trends and opportunities are. They could be a big help in enabling you to meet your career goals.
  7. Make a plan. Write it down. After you have completed the steps above, develop a tentative strategy. Plan out what you need to do, how you will do it and when you will do it. The plan is not chiseled in stone. It can change as circumstances change. But it will give you a blueprint and a guide as you move ahead in your career.

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