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High Demand Skills for International Nurses

As a foreign trained nurse, you have a unique opportunity to put your skills to the test in the U.S. RN jobs in the United States allow you to see our beautiful country in all its luster and experience all that American culture has to offer. Plus, international nursing will allow you to add to your resume and increase the number of nurse jobs for which you’re qualified. Are you ready to begin? Do you have what it takes to be a nurse in the United States?

To find a nursing job in the United States, it can help to have certain qualifications. These include:

  • Speaking multiple languages. If you speak languages in addition to English, you’ll be well prepared to practice nursing within cultural pockets of the U.S. Your multilingual skills will improve communication with patients in certain populations, adding to their understanding of education and treatment recommendations.
  • Focusing on specialties and issues. International nursing gives you the opportunity to promote healthcare issues you hold dear, such as women’s health. And if you specialize in a particular area of the nursing field, you can command a higher salary due to your specialized skill set.
  • Maturity and self-sufficiency. Finding yourself in a new place, far from your loved ones and native culture, can create a sense of isolation if you’re not prepared. But if you’re adaptable, you’ll succeed as a foreign trained nurse. Plus it always helps to take advantage of technology to keep in touch with friends and family—such as Skype, FaceTime and social media.
  • Fast learner. How quickly can you get up to speed on your new facility and responsibilities? The faster the better if you’re a nurse. In your interview, you can demonstrate this skill by citing specific examples from your nursing career.
  • A positive attitude. An upbeat demeanor and a warm smile will make you a welcome addition to any nursing team. So keep your head up and be ready to show ‘em what you’ve got!

Find a nursing job in the United States

MedPro Healthcare Staffing can help. We specialize in foreign nurse recruitment and will work with you to coordinate licensure, visa and all aspects of your immigration. To learn more, contact us today!