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Applying for a Travel Nursing Job? Here is What Recruiters Look For

Ready to take your nursing experience on the road? Travel nursing is a great way to earn an excellent income while learning about areas of the country you might not have otherwise visited. Here’s what you need to know to gain the interest of the recruiting agency of your choice.

Flexibility. You must easily adapt to a variety of environments. Don’t underestimate how difficult this can be. You could end up in a rural environment when you are accustomed to city living. You may need to buy new clothes to accommodate the climate. You’ll miss your family and friends. Good recruiters will look for nurses who have taken all these factors into consideration.

Experience. Travel Nursing demands at least two years of experience normally. On travel assignments, you will be expected to hit the ground running. While your supervisor on will be happy to get you up to speed on the specifics of their facility, they won’t have the time to dedicate to training you from scratch – after all, facilities request travel nurses because they are short-handed. You’ll be expected to know what you are doing when you arrive.

Technical skills. Nursing has grown increasingly technical. It’s important that you are up to date on EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems, workflow management systems and other technologies that you may encounter on the job.

Float experience. Not a necessity, but definitely a bonus. If you’ve had the opportunity to work in many different units, it demonstrates your versatility and makes you more desirable to employers

Passion for nursing. You’ve got to love your job. Nursing is challenging under the best of circumstances — balancing paperwork with patient care. Dealing with life and death situations day after day, you have to love it. Travel adds another layer of stress. It’s not an option for nurses who have gotten burnt out on the job.

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