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What International Nurses Should Bring to Their New Jobs

Planning to move to the U.S. for work? As an international nurse, you have an incredible opportunity to expand your nursing career in the United States. As you pack your bags and prepare for your journey, it’s important to bring certain essentials along; however, it’s also a good idea to pack as light as possible for ease of travel. What should you bring, and what can stay at home?

Important items to bring with you

As you begin to gather essentials to bring with you, pack the following:

  • This includes your birth certificate, green card, travel nursing contract and your nursing license and credentials. Remember, you can always work with your international nurse recruiter for help obtaining all immigration paperwork and transferring your license.
  • If you must take any prescribed medications every day, always remember to bring these along. If you’ll be staying in the U.S. for a few assignments and will need to refill any medications, make plans for how you will do this. Your recruiter may be able to help if you need suggestions.
  • This includes your cell phone, computer, fitness wearable, portable music player, GPS and all chargers for your devices. Your electronics will provide entertainment during your travels, allow you to capture moments on assignment and can help you navigate your temporary new home.
  • Clothing and personal items. Pack your uniforms, footwear and weather-appropriate clothing, but remember if you’re trying to pack light, you can buy items once you arrive at your destination. Along these same lines, you may wish to pack special cosmetics and hair care products, but make plans to purchase other common items once you arrive.
  • Reminders of home. It can help to bring along mementos from home, such as photos and small trinkets. This can help you make your new residence cozier during your stay in the U.S.

What to leave home

Many housing assignments come furnished and include housewares. And anything not included, such as dishes, cookware, towels and cleaning supplies, you can purchase after you arrive.

Benefits of working with a staffing agency

A staffing agency makes travel to the United States much easier and more convenient. Your recruiter will help you with immigration paperwork and your licensure, plus work with you to find housing and get settled. Your transition to the U.S. will go much smoother working with your trusted nurse recruiter.

Looking for your next international nurse assignment?

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