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Things to Do While Waiting for Your Next Assignment

Looking for ideas regarding what to do between your travel assignments? Read below for ideas for when you tell friends and family about the “Things I did on My Time Between Assignments.”

Take a well-deserved vacation. That’s the beauty of working as a traveling healthcare professional: you work when, or if, you want. If you want to take a three-, four- or even six-week break, go ahead. Let your staffing manager know that you want to take some time off and let him or her know your next availability date.

Take some continuing education classes. Many healthcare professionals find it very hard to keep up with CE requirements because they must do so while working 40-plus hours a week. But not you. You can take those CE courses any time of day during the day, any day of the week, any month of the year, without adding to your time constraints.

You also could combine vacation and CE needs by participating in a CE course in a vacation spot or participate in a CE course on a cruise ship.

Have you been wanting to get certified in a new skill within your field? Like your CE courses, taking a few weeks off to become certified in a new skill or technique can be done easily when you have a career as a traveling healthcare professional.

Many people go into the healthcare professions because they want to help people. Your break between assignments can be the perfect opportunity to give back to others in a purely selfless way by volunteering. Want to go on a mission to a third-world country? You can now take the time. Want to help rebuild a part of the Appalachian Trail? Now you can. The time between your assignments can be as busy – or not – as you wish. Doing all the things you “wish you had time for,” but could never find the time to do due to a regular work schedule at a regular employer.

Honey-do lists are also a favorite activity of many travelers. Need to get the house painted? Done! Need time to retile the bathroom floor? Consider the time yours. Need to help move a parent to a new home or a child to college? Take the days or weeks you need to do it right.

On the flip side, if you want to work with very little break between, just let us know. Traveling health professionals are in great demand. You can be as busy as you like, whether you want to take a month off between each and every assignment, or you want to just take a weekend for yourself before heading out to a new facility, here at MedPro Healthcare Staffing, we’ll do all we can to accommodate your work/break needs. Contact us today!