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Traveling Healthcare Careers: Top Myths and Truths

If you are considering becoming a traveling healthcare professional, you may have questions about the profession, such as exactly what is involved when working as a traveler. Also, you may have misconceptions about what this career option is like. To provide some clarity, we are going to take a look at some of the myths surrounding traveling healthcare and explain what the reality really is.

Myth: Traveling healthcare jobs are not as stable as permanent jobs.

Reality: The fact is that many hospitals are experiencing shortages of experienced healthcare professionals, especially as the baby boom generation ages, so there is a constant demand for talented, experienced healthcare professionals. What’s more, healthcare facilities are willing to pay more to lure traveling healthcare professionals to accept their assignment. Traveling healthcare professionals have no trouble finding good jobs.

Myth: Jumping around to different jobs is not good for your career.

Reality: Working in different medical facilities can actually make a person more attractive to potential employers. Because a traveling healthcare professional works at different places, he or she gets to see and learn different medical practices and techniques, to work with different people and learn from them, to see and learn new ways of doing things. This adds valuable skills and experience any employer would want.

Myth: You have to take a new assignment every few months.

Reality: If you are enjoying your work at a particular healthcare facility, and there is a need for your services, you may be able to renew and extend your contract to work there. This happens frequently. Agencies are eager to help people extend their contracts if travelers like what they are doing and they are a good fit for the facility.

Myth: Traveling healthcare professionals are not treated well by the regular staff.

Reality: In any industry, you will find places that are not very welcoming, and this is true of the healthcare industry as well. But, by and large, traveling healthcare professionals are welcomed eagerly by the regular staff. And why shouldn’t they be? The traveling professional is there to help relieve the workload for the staff, to help them provide better service. It’s pretty much a win-win situation.

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