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Traveler’s Guide to Nursing and Allied Health: Nurses Sound Off In New Survey

Despite the ongoing workforce shortage and post-pandemic wage decline, a new MedPro Healthcare Staffing survey confirms most travel nurses prefer the freedom and flexibility afforded through temporary assignments. However, among those leaving the profession, a combined majority cited “burnout” and a “change of priorities” as deciding factors.

Nearly 1,300 nurses responded to the survey, with 54 percent currently on assignment and 65 percent seeking a new travel assignment. The findings, released on May 8, confirm the enduring popularity and appeal of travel nursing yet underscore the healthcare industry’s workforce challenges.

Download the Survey for complete results.

Just the Stats

The majority of respondents were between the ages of 30 and 49 and cited “family obligations” (34 percent), a “change of priorities” (27 percent) “burnout” (18 percent) as their top reasons for not seeking travel nurse work.  Thirteen percent left for a career change, and 7 percent retired. Of those who said they were not currently on assignment, 48 percent were unsure when they would return, while 20 percent said they would return to work within a year.

According to MedPro’s survey, the number one motivator for choosing a staffing agency and an assignment was the pay. Additionally, a recruiter’s response time and communication method impacted a travel nurse’s job search experience. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said immediate follow-up on an assignment from an agency ranked as very important. And 63 percent of respondents said they preferred communicating with their recruiter via text. The findings provide MedPro with valuable data for revising and enhancing the travel nurse job experience.



The survey also gauged interest in a Travel Nurse Advisory Council. The council will focus on gaining insight into nurses’ concerns, challenges, and goals to improve nurse well-being and address issues in the nursing profession and the healthcare industry. Almost half of the survey respondents expressed interest in joining the council, and MedPro will appoint 25 nurses in the upcoming month.




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