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Traveler’s Guide To Nursing and Allied Health: Celebrating Thanksgiving

This week’s Traveler’s Guide to Nursing and Allied Health provides tips for celebrating Thanksgiving while on assignment.

Working the holidays is routine for many healthcare professionals. Sickness and injury don’t take off for special occasions. Still, being on the clock doesn’t mean travel nurses and allied health professionals aren’t feeling the holiday spirit and don’t want to participate in some festivities. This week’s edition of the Traveler’s Guide to Nursing and Allied Health gives tips on celebrating Thanksgiving while on assignment. Whether you have the day off or you’re working, there are plenty of ways to celebrate when you’re away from home.


Meet Up with Coworkers

Ask your coworkers if they would like to get together to celebrate the holiday, or reach out to your Placement Guide to see if there are any fellow travel nurses or allied health workers in the area. If you’re working on Thanksgiving or don’t find anyone who would like to celebrate on an alternate date, organize a potluck for work. Encourage everyone to bring in their favorite dish to share or see if the hospital plans on catering or ordering food for staff.


Show your thanks for all the abundance in your life by giving back. Soup kitchens, food banks, and food pantries across the country can always use extra volunteers for assembling or handing out Thanksgiving dinners. Visit Feeding America for volunteer opportunities near you. Plus, Meals on Wheels is a great way to help those in need of a hot dinner any time of the year.


Consider doing a self-care day if you’re off for the holiday but aren’t close enough to join family or friends. While most businesses are closed on Thanksgiving, you can always buy supplies to give yourself a manicure and pedicure at home or a do-it-yourself beauty mask. Many national and state parks are open on Thanksgiving, providing an opportunity to return to nature without dealing with weekend crowds. Thanksgiving is also a great day to check the latest releases on the big screen.

Pick up an Extra Shift

If you’re not already working the holiday, consider picking up an extra shift. You’ll make above normal pay, plus you’ll show you’re a team player and are willing to help during the less desirable shifts. Just make sure to verify holiday rates with your Placement Guide.


Remember, it’s never been easier to connect with loved ones. If you’re away from family or friends, schedule a virtual meetup or dinner together. No, it’s not the same as being there in person, but it’s definitely better than spending the holiday alone.

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