How to Pick a Travel Therapy Staffing Firm

The value of patient care your rehabilitation facility delivers is dependent on your staff. For this reason, it’s important to find highly qualified therapists that are the right fit for your organization. A recruiter can be a valuable partner in your search for best-matched candidates, especially if you decide to bring on travel therapists. This way, you’ll gain access to a much deeper pool of talent than if you searched locally—you’ll have access to therapists from across the country! However, finding the right travel therapy staffing firm is imperative for the success of your staffing endeavors. By following a few important fundamentals, you can locate the right staffing firm to help ensure the quality of your therapy staff—and the safety and satisfaction of your patients. Here’s what you can do.

Five things to consider when choosing a travel therapy staffing firm

To choose the best staffing firm for your needs, it’s best to contact potential firms and ask plenty of questions. You’ll want to find out more information about the following hot-button topics:

  1. The staffing firm’s specialty. Your best choice when deciding on a staffing firm is one that specializes in both rehabilitative therapy and travel healthcare workers. Staffing firms that specialize in your industry will have a much greater understanding of the skills and qualifications therapists will need—more so than a firm that spreads its focus across multiple industries. And a staffing firm that specializes in the placement of travel workers will have greater success finding and placing therapists for a smooth transition.
  2. The screening process. To maintain the safety of your patients and the reputation of your rehab facility, you’ll want to ensure that all therapy candidates have been thoroughly interviewed and screened. Ask how the firm ensures proper education, experience and licensure, and whether they do background checks and drug screens.
  3. Continuing education offered to therapists. The healthcare industry is constantly changing as experts conduct research on treatment methods, etc. To help therapists stay up-to-date, it can help if their travel employer provides options for continuing education classes, training or seminars.
  4. What the staffing firm offers. Depending on your staffing needs, how comprehensive are the firm’s offerings? Do they specialize in the placement of physical therapists only, or can they also place occupational therapists and speech language pathologists? Be sure to find a staffing partner that can meet all your staffing requirements.
  5. What your colleagues are saying. Have others in your field worked with a travel therapy staffing firm, and if so, what did they think? Ask colleagues for recommendations, or read online reviews to learn more. The honest opinion of a colleague can be valuable to help you reach your final decision.

Be patient and don’t settle

To find the right staffing firm, it may take you a little time to make a few phone calls and ask key questions. But in the end, it’s worth it to find firm that can place the right candidates with you for a successful rehabilitation facility.

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