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Travel Therapist Interview Approaching? Here’s How to Make it Successful

Have you sent in a resume/CV to one or more healthcare traveler staffing firms and one or more of them have contacted you to arrange for an interview?

You undoubtedly have many questions regarding how to make your interview successful. Read below for some of our best tips.

  1. Understand that you may have this interview over the phone and/or via a video conference; you may not have an actual in-person meeting with your recruiter. Many staffing firms/travelers never meet in person because they could be located across the country from each other.
  2. Regardless of whether you interview in person or via video, dress appropriately for a job interview. This means wearing a suit and tie (men) and a suit or professional-looking dress (women). If you know for certain that your interviewer will be looking at you from the shoulders up only, go ahead and wear jeans if you want; just be sure your shoulders/head look professional.
  3. Aside from ensuring you have the skills and experience a travel staffing service needs, the main thing your interviewer will be looking for is to ascertain if you are:
    1. Flexible.
    2. Able to hit the ground running and be of use as soon as you start an assignment.
    3. Able to get along with all kinds of people from all walks of life.
    4. Have a sense of humor (changes to assignments can be made in an instant and travelers need to be able to roll with the punches with grace).
    5. Trustworthy. That is, once you accept an assignment, the recruiter can feel confident that you will show up for it and complete it (barring bona fide emergencies, of course).
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll probably find many of your general questions answered at the travel service’s website, but there are always “smaller” questions you have that need answers: “What if I’ve been working for six months non-stop and I want to take some time off?” “I’m registered with other travel services; how can I let you know when I am, or am not, available for assignment?”
  5. Some questions aren’t appropriate to ask during your first interview (but are certainly fine to ask at your second interview, or when you’re offered a position with the staffing service). The questions you ask should pertain more to how you can be of benefit to the service and its clients, not how the service/its clients can benefit to you. The types of questions you should wait to ask are (and you should note that many travel staffing services answer these questions on their websites as a matter of course):
    1. What kind of hourly per diem will I get?
    2. What about overtime? How much will I receive?
    3. How much vacation time can I receive?
    4. What about health benefits?

Have you sent MedPro Healthcare Staffing your OT, PT or speech therapist resume/CV yet? If not, what’s stopping you? Just look at the many therapist travel positions we have available! Contact us today!