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3 Skills All Physical Therapist Candidates Should Have

They obviously need a solid background in the biological and medical sciences, along with the ability to put their knowledge to use in treating patients. Physical therapists need good motor skills as well, since they work manually to provide therapy to patients.

These are the basic core skills that are taught at educational institutions for physical therapy. But there are other less obvious skills that therapists need; skills they need to develop if they are to be successful in their career. Below are three important ones.

Communication skills

It’s easy to see why these skills are so important. Therapists are dealing with patients. The therapist must determine what exactly is bothering the patient, and then he or she needs to instruct the patient in how to carry out the proper therapy to address the problem. Moreover, we live in a society of increasing diversity. Physical therapists need to be able to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. It takes a certain skill to be able to communicate with people from a different background, to understand their concerns and problems.

In today’s healthcare environment, physical therapists often work as part of a team with other healthcare professionals. So here too, the therapist needs good communication skills when interacting with other team members.

Computer skills

Computer skills are essential. Most healthcare organizations are now using electronic health records. All healthcare professionals need to know their way around these electronic platforms.

Everything is on these records – vital statistics, demographic information, medical history, medication regimen, physician notes, diagnoses and treatment, along with lab reports and x-rays.

Observational skills

Physical therapists diagnose and treat patients in large part by watching them. They need to notice the details in the way patients move and in what they do that could be clues to their therapeutic needs. Careful observation is important. It could mean the difference between an accurate or incorrect diagnosis.

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