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5 Ways to Make Your Summer Assignment “Family Friendly”

Many healthcare professionals work as travelers because of the opportunity to see the country. Come summer, when school-age children have several weeks off between terms, many travelers hope to take the family with them while on assignment.

This isn’t necessarily easy to do, but it’s not all that difficult, either. Read below for five tips we feel will help you make your summer travel assignment “family friendly.”

  1. Plan and plan some more. Talk to your staffing service manager and let him or her know you’d like to see if you can get an assignment that starts at the beginning of your children’s summer break and ends when it’s time for them to return to school. If you give your staffing manager plenty of time (say, six months) to arrange for an assignment, you have a better chance of it coming about. (Remember, however, that travel staffing companies work for hospitals/medical centers and they get assignments at the hospital’s discretion, not the traveler’s. Still, if a staffing manager can accommodate a traveler’s request to go on a great summer assignment, he or she almost always will work to do so.)
  2. In addition, if you do get a summer assignment on which your family goes with you, remember that you’re there to work. You will be working a full 40-hour week, possibly more. This is not a summer vacation in the traditional sense at all. Your family may be able to go out and see the sights any day of the week, but you will have to embrace doing so on your days off only (which may or may not be consecutive).
  3. Most travel staffing firms supply their travelers with a one-bedroom apartment. If you’re traveling with your family, see if your staffing firm can accommodate you with a larger, two-bedroom apartment. If not, ask about using a housing stipend to help you find an apartment to rent for the summer. (Note: Some traveling families rent a large camper or motorhome to live in.)
  4. Plan ahead with your family for your days off. Once you know your summer assignment destination, start getting out travel guidebooks and start looking into some day trips you can take during the assignment. Consider going on longer trips either before or after your assignment.
  5. Many travelers decide they’d love to take their family with them on assignments all year long. This definitely is doable. If your children are of school age, work with your staffing manager to land assignments that are nine or 10 months long and that start in August/September and end in May/June so that your children can attend the same school all year. Other travelers homeschool their children, with the non-working spouse acting as the main educator.

There are many different ways to incorporate your family into your travels. A bit of thinking outside the proverbial box, planning ahead and communication with your staffing manager can make your healthcare travel assignments the career of a lifetime – for you and your family members. Contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today for more information.