Travel Physical Therapist Resume Tips

Physical therapists are in extremely high demand. As an example, here at MedPro Healthcare Staffing, we have an average of 90 openings for physical therapists for assignments all over the United States.

Yet we – and other therapy facilities – also receive a large number of resumes each week. So how can you make your resume standout to hiring managers or recruiters?

Read below for some great tips on how to update your PT resume and find a job.

1) Always – and we do mean always – tailor your resume for every position you’re applying to. It needn’t take much work. Just look at the job posting and see where your qualifications meet or exceed the expectations. Then highlight those in your resume in your qualifications/skills/strengths section described below.

2) When it comes to your skills, don’t assume that an employer will think of them when he or she looks at your job titles on your job history. That’s why it’s wise to put together an opening paragraph or block of bullets that feature your key strengths, skills, qualifications, and certifications/degrees. Employers scan resumes, so placing these in a bullet list (in columns, for example) at the top of a resume can give potential employers a great “snapshot” of the benefits of hiring you.

3) Now comes showing what you can do for an employer. This is the section where you highlight your responsibilities and the primary contributions you’ve made to your employers. This allows a potential employer to see your strengths and how they can be applied to his needs.

These highlights should include (but not be limited to);

  • The type of setting in which you worked (an outpatient clinic, chronic care, large hospital, etc.)
  • Your caseload size
  • Success stories for patients with challenging physical presentations
  • The different modalities/treatments in which you’re versed
  • The types of equipment and/or technology you’ve used
  • Be sure to mention any program improvements you’ve made for current/former employers
  • Highlight any awards, citations or other recognition given to you for your work

4) Don’t forget to add any PT associations of which you’re a member. Local, regional, national – be sure to list them all. Additionally, if you’ve had a leadership role in any of these organizations, highlight that as well. Doing so shows your commitment to your profession.

5) Don’t forget keywords. Many employers electronically scan resumes looking in a search for certain keywords. What types of keywords should you integrate into your resume? The aforementioned PT certifications, degrees, organizations, skills/areas of expertise, job titles, etc.

As mentioned above, we tend to have an average of 90 physical therapy openings at any one time. This doesn’t include the 15-20 openings for PT assistants we tend to have at any one time. Contact a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter today to apply for a position!

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