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Travel Pharmacy as a Career Option

Until someone figures out how to get paid to vacation, we have the next best thing (at least for those in the pharmacy field)a career in Travel Pharmacy.

Consider seeing the country (or world) while enjoying a rewarding and challenging pharmacy career. You get to pick where you want to work, and for how long, meet new friends at every stop, experience different cultures and locales, and gain valuable work experience.

  • You may take a series of short-term temporary pharmacy assignments—from a week to a year or more (most are 13 weeks, but some assignments may be extended. There may even be a bonus for such an extension. That will be determined by the venue where you are sent.)You can take time off between assignments or dive right back into another placement when one is completed.
  • You should have at least one year’s experience and must be licensed in the state where you are assigned. How long it takes to get licensed differs by state—in some, you can get your license on the same day; in others it may takes months. Each state’s Board Of Pharmacy contact information my be found here. If you accept a placement with the government or military, the license you hold in your home state, US territory, or US commonwealth will suffice. (The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is a rich source of travel pharmacy placements, as are the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Indian Health Service, Bureau of Prisons, and Department of Immigration Services.)
  • Such federal placements may make you eligible for tax-free furnished housing, a rental car, and perhaps even daily meals.
  • You may travel alone or bring your spouse, kids, and pets. Help with accommodations, travel, and other arrangements is available from MedPro.
  • Most traveling pharmacist jobs are day shift, though some may have rotating call. Most positions are outpatient, although some inpatient positions are available. They usually offer above-average wages,  medical/dental insurance, 401(k) and malpractice coverage, holiday and vacation pay. (Some traveling pharmacy positions are even eligible for daily lodging allowance, auto allowance, meal allowance, and travel pay.)

Contact MedPro for all the details on how to get started in the fascinating world of Traveling Pharmacy and then, pack your bags and get ready for a new adventure.