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How to Write a Travel OT Cover Letter

If you’re an occupational therapist with an itch to see the country and help individuals regain the ability to enjoy day-to-day activities most of us take for granted, consider becoming a traveling OT.

You’re going to need a cover letter to go with your resume/CV. Don’t think that a cover letter is a waste of time: many recruiters and hiring managers use cover letters to differentiate candidates who have about the same educational experience and professional background.

A well-written cover letter truly can help you stand out from a crowded field (whether you’re applying to work with a travel staffing firm or with a hospital or other therapy/healthcare facility). Read below for some tips on how to make your cover letter great.

First of all, one of the things that a travel staffing manager wants to know is how flexible you are. The life of a traveler is all about flexibility: you’ll be moving from place to place every few weeks, you’ll be working with people you’ve never met, you’ll be dealing with patients who possibly are from a different socio-economic standpoint than you may be familiar with, and so on.

A couple of the things you should emphasize in your cover letter are a) that your skills are such that you can go into an OT therapeutic situation or facility and hit the ground running, and b) that you have a flexible attitude and a sense of humor (the need to have both tend to go hand in hand).

Second, you need to understand that while traveling is a great and exciting career, no one should work as a traveler because “I want to travel.” It’s not all fun. It’s often tedious and boring. You should mention in the letter that you know traveling isn’t about excitement for the traveler, but that travel assignments exist so that hospitals and medical facilities will be able to make sure patients receive the care they need.

In other words, traveling isn’t about you; it’s about the hospital and patients. Make sure you let the hiring manager know you understand this.

You’ll want to be sure your cover letter is short (there’s absolutely no need to have a letter that’s longer than one page), free of typos and grammatical and spelling errors. It should address any gaps in your employment and if you don’t have a lot of experience as an OT, it should address any concerns a hiring manager may have about your ability to do the job.

Are you an occupational therapist with at least two years of recent professional experience? Do you have questions about a career as a healthcare traveler? Then contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We love to talk to health professionals about this exciting career opportunity and we’d love to answer any and all questions and concerns you may have. Contact us today.