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Travel Nurse? Why You Should Build Experience in These In-Demand Specialties

Nurses in general are in demand these days. The profession is expected to experience continued growth. However, even in a growing profession, there are specialty areas that are even more in demand. These areas are ICU, NICU, telemetry, dialysis, ER nursing, and OR nursing. So, gaining experience in these areas could greatly increase your attractiveness to healthcare and travel healthcare employers, offering you an exciting career with more job opportunities, better pay and choice of location.


Although certification in any of these areas is not required by law, being certified will certainly increase your marketability in terms of finding a job. Some hospitals also do require certification.

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ICU nurses are among the most sought after, according to travel healthcare officials. Hospitals around the country are always looking for ICU nurses. And the demand is only expected to grow because hospitals are more and more seeing only those patients with severe conditions, people who need complex care that uses a lot of technology.


Telemetry nurses connect patients to the many different electronic monitoring systems in the hospital, for statistics on such things as heart rate, blood pressure, blood-oxygen level, and electrocardiogram.

Hospitals more and more are looking for nurses who are able to do telemetry. To do this specialty, however, most hospitals require that you are certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).


This is another hot specialty. Although demand is tied to experience working in NICU, nurses specializing in this area are sought after.


As the baby boomer generation ages, more people are going on dialysis, which is causing an increased need for nurses in this specialty. There are jobs available in all areas of the country.

ER Nurses

As with other high-demand specialties, healthcare officials say there are often more available jobs in emergency rooms than there are nurses to fill them. As with any job, having experience as an emergency room nurse will help you find a job more quickly. Taking a Trauma Nursing Core Course will also help your chances of employment in this area. Not all hospitals require certification in this area, but some do.

OR Nurses

Positions are opening up in this area because of nurses retiring and others choosing to work just part time. Another reason for high demand is the growing number of ambulatory surgery centers and an increased emphasis on office-based surgery.

There is an especially acute need for OR nurses who are experienced with cardiovascular surgery.

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