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How to Bring up Salary in a Travel Nurse Interview

Salary negotiations are always tricky. The conventional wisdom about talking salary is generally, don’t. That is, don’t bring up the subject during the interview until the interviewer broaches the subject first.


This usually happens near the end of the interview, when the hiring manager gives the starting salary for the job. It may be something you are happy with, or it may be something you are not happy with. And if it’s your first job, you may be tempted to accept it.

However, if you are someone with experience, and want to give yourself the best shot at getting the salary you want, you need to raise the issue.

Understand the Process

Today, the hiring process usually involves several interviews with various people. Some human resource experts suggest bringing up the salary issue relatively early in the process — before the start of the second interview. This way, you avoid the situation where you have gone through multiple interviews and a very stressful process, only to find that the salary you have in mind isn’t exactly what the healthcare organization has in mind.

Research… And be Confident!

When approaching salary negotiations, be confident in your requirements; confident that you are worth what you are asking for. It also helps to do a little research beforehand to find out what the typical salary is for the position you are applying for.

When you bring up the issue, don’t be overbearing about it. Raise the issue as a question: “Is this a good time to talk about salary?” Or “Could I get some indication at this point about what the salary is for this job?” It shows that you are open to a range at this point and willing to negotiate.

Be Tactful

The interviewer may ask what salary you had at your last job. Don’t tell him. If you do, you have locked yourself in, because the employer will assume your previous salary plus 10 percent is what you are worth, and you will appear unreasonable asking for more.

Turn the focus to your skills and experience and what they are worth to the organization.

The interviewer may ask what kind of salary you are looking for. Be careful not to start at too low a figure or you may lock yourself in. This is where your previous research can pay off. You could say you are looking for something that is in accord with your skills and experience, but are flexible, and ask what the company’s salary range for the position is.

Rely on Your Recruiter

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