Applying to work with MedPro

How do I become a MedPro Explorer?

If you’re a quality healthcare professional looking to work for a successful staffing agency, just complete our online application, contact us or one of our recruiters at 800. 886.8108.

What are your requirements for travel professionals?

To work with MedPro you must hold a valid license in your professional discipline and possess one year of current experience and a minimum of two years experience in your specialty. For any particular assignment, you must also meet the client’s professional requirements. MedPro will also contact your references to verify the quality of your work.

Can I send my resume instead of filling out the online application?

Your application provides us with much more information than just your experience. The skills checklist details your level of experience and the references you provide tell us about your past working relationships. This information helps us find the right assignment for you.

What is the best way to contact MedPro?

Email us using our contact us or call us at 800.886.8108.

Can I talk to other MedPro Explorers to learn more about traveling and working with you?

Absolutely. Just ask your Placement Guide for references.

Do I have to pay to apply with MedPro?

No, there are no fees to apply with us.

Working with MedPro

How long is the typical assignment?

Typical assignments are 13 weeks in duration, and many extend beyond that.

Do I need a license for each state that I work in?

Each state has different licensing requirements, which vary by profession (visit our Resources page for state licensure information). Some states issue licenses the same day while the process for others can take months. Most states require a fee and verification and some may require fingerprinting and criminal background checks. Remember: your Placement Guide will assist you every step of the way.

Who is responsible for getting a state license if I need one?

We can provide you with the information you need to get a license and help you through the process but, ultimately, the responsibility is yours.

How do I choose an assignment?

Once we have reviewed your application and skills checklist, you and your Placement Guide will discuss your assignment expectations, career goals and your desired destination to find the best assignment for you. You will then be presented with available assignments, including details on the pay rate, facility, unit, shifts, location, and bonuses. You choose whether you want MedPro to present you to any of the assignment opportunities. If you and the facility express an interest, MedPro will arrange a telephone interview, which will determine next steps.

Can you find me a job in a particular city or state?

Our job listings include assignments in a variety of cities and states across the U.S., and even Hawaii! Our job search page allows you to search our database for your desired location. Depending on your specialty, we may not have a position in your preferred city, but we’ll do our best to get you where you want to go or present you with other great opportunities. Our clients’ needs change daily so call us or keep checking back if you don’t see a job you want.

Once I have accepted an assignment, what happens next?

Once you have accepted an assignment, your Placement Guide will confirm your start date and schedule with you. Our Credentialing Guides will gather from you all the necessary information to meet MedPro and client requirements. If you have elected corporate housing, our Relocation Guides will work with you to make the arrangements prior to your arrival.

How soon after accepting an assignment can I expect to start?

Your start date will depend on your availability, the client’s needs, and the amount of time it will take you to travel to the assignment. We will work with you and the client to fix the first day of work.

What happens once my initial assignment is completed?

As your assignment end date approaches, we will work with you to review all options, which may include extending at the current facility or scouting out your next assignment. Your Placement Guide will be in frequent contact with you to ensure we can get you placed where you want to be.

What characteristics make a successful traveler?

The most successful travel professionals are those that truly like to experience new places and new people. Working in new places requires that you adapt to new surroundings, so being flexible is key. If you consider new challenges an adventure, you’re off to a great start.

Compensation & Benefits

How will I be compensated?

All assignments are hourly-paid. Your rate of pay will depend on your specialty and experience level and the specific assignment. You and your Placement Guide will create a customized compensation package that works for you. If traveling away from home, we can arrange corporate (MedPro-arranged) housing or provide per diem reimbursement so you can fund your own housing costs.

How will I receive my pay?

You will be paid every Friday based on hours worked the previous week. You will receive direct deposit unless you opt for a manual paycheck. As your employer, MedPro is required to withhold all necessary payroll taxes.

What kinds of benefits do you offer?

Our benefits package is very competitive and includes company-subsidized health insurance, short and long-term disability insurance funded 100% by MedPro, life insurance funded 100% by MedPro, optional dental and vision insurance, and 401k with MedPro contribution. Please click here to view a complete list of benefits.

In addition to these benefits, you will automatically be enrolled into The MedPro Experience, a personalized employee experience program that embraces and celebrates our mobile workforce.

We also offer per diem or corporate housing for those traveling away from home and a referral program. Refer a friend or a colleague and upon the completion of their assignment, you will receive $500.

 When do my insurance benefits begin?

All your insurance benefits begin on the first of the month after you start your assignment. For example, if you start work on June 24, your insurance coverage would commence July 1.

Can I add my spouse, children or partner to my health insurance?

Yes. We offer quality health insurance plans that can be extended to cover spouses, children, and domestic partners.

Do you have a referral bonus program?

Yes. We have a great referral bonus program called Share Your MedPro Experience. When you refer a friend or colleague who takes an assignment with us, you earn $500 – paid as soon as the nurse or allied professional completes 13 weeks of their assignment.

Travel & Housing

Where does MedPro have assignments for Explorers?

MedPro services clients across the U.S. (including Hawaii) and so has positions available almost anywhere. We work with hospitals, outpatient facilities, skilled nursing facilities, physicians’ offices, and home health companies.

Can I travel when I choose? Do I have to sign an extended contract?

The choice is always yours, and you’ll never have to sign a fixed-term contract. Let us know when you want to travel and where you want to go. Once your initial assignment is completed, you’ll often have three choices: extend your contract at the current facility, move to another location and facility, or return home and travel again in the future.

How do I travel to my assignment?

Most of our healthcare professionals drive to their assignments. MedPro will provide a travel allowance to offset these costs.

Can I bring family and/or pets with me?

Yes, you can. Many people travel with family, friends or pets – it’s a great opportunity to explore the country together.

If I bring a pet or family member will I have to pay to add them to my housing?

Our housing allowance provides for a one bedroom apartment. We can help you find a larger unit or an apartment that will accept pets. Any additional cost, including pet fees or additional deposits, would be your responsibility and is normally processed as a payroll deduction.

What’s a typical housing situation like?

If you qualify for tax-free housing, MedPro can either arrange for corporate housing or pay you per diem reimbursement. If you want us to take care of housing, we’ll work with you to locate an apartment that is clean, safe, and a commutable distance to your assignment location. The apartment will be furnished with housewares and utilities.

Will I receive a housing subsidy if I stay with friends or family?

To qualify for per diem housing you must incur expenses.

Tax Considerations

What are the requirements to qualify for tax-free travel expense reimbursements?

The IRS sets out three main conditions that must be met for travel expense reimbursements to be nontaxable compensation to the recipient: i) the recipient must have a permanent tax home, ii) the assignment must not be within commuting distance of the permanent tax home, and iii) the assignment including extensions may not extend beyond one year. Please click here for a detailed discussion of the tax treatment of travel expenses.

What happens if one or more of these conditions are not met?

If you don’t have a permanent tax home, all travel expense reimbursements (meal per diems, housing allowances or company paid housing costs and mileage reimbursements) must be treated as taxable compensation from the beginning of your assignment. If you maintain a permanent tax home and the assignment is within commuting distance of that tax home, no travel expense reimbursements can be paid because it is not reasonable to believe costs will be incurred. If the one-year limit rule is failed, any future travel expense reimbursements must be treated as taxable compensation as soon as it becomes known that the one-year limit will be exceeded.

Who determines whether I have a permanent tax home?

Because the determination of the permanent tax home status is sensitive to the facts and circumstances of the employee and can be highly subjective, the employee (in consultation with their tax advisor) must make the final determination. MedPro requires that the employee complete and execute a Permanent Tax Home & Travel Expense Representation Form.

How do I file my taxes at the end of the year?

MedPro is your employer and withholds all necessary taxes. At the end of the year, we provide you with a W-2 form just like any other employer.

How are state income taxes determined?

Most states subject travelers to income tax based on where the work is performed regardless of the traveler’s state of residence. Some states have reciprocity agreements with adjacent states that relieve the requirement to withhold taxes. Some states have no personal income tax at all. Generally, there are provisions in place to avoid double-taxation. You should consult with a tax adviser if you have significant concerns.

Does working in more than one state complicate my annual income tax return filing?

Travelers will normally have to file a state income tax return for each of the states in which they worked during the year. Your W2 form will specify the wages earned in each state. Online tax programs are easy to use and make the process simple. Alternatively, you can hire a tax professional to prepare your returns.

The tax information contained above and in other MedPro documents are meant as a general guide only and do not replace professional advice. We recommend that you seek advice specific to your situation from an independent tax advisor.