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Eight Questions to Ask in a Travel Nursing Job Interview

International-NursesAsking questions during a job interview is important. They enable you to determine performance expectations, as well as learning details about the job itself. Asking questions also shows your interest in the position.

Here are eight things to ask during a travel nursing interview:

  1. What kind of orientation does the organization have? This question relates to the onboarding process and what is involved. Other related inquiries would cover issues like how long the process is and whether it is a general type of orientation or one on the particular floor of the facility, or both.
  2. What will the schedule be? Ask about the shifts you would be working; who does the scheduling; whether you will float; whether you will be on-call; and whether you will have to work holidays and weekends.
  3. What kind of medical record system does the organization use? Find out about the processes and procedures used by the organization. What nursing management models are used?
  4. Where will I be working, and what is the unit like? What is the patient population; average length of stay; nurse-to-patient ratio; how are problems are resolved; and who traveling nurses talk to if they encounter a problem.
  5. What is the community like. Find out more about the geographical area. You can also ask about issues like traffic, safety, cultural offerings.
  6. Are there other traveling nurses in the area where I will be working? The responses you receive will give you an idea about the ways the organization uses traveling professionals and what the environment is like for them.
  7. Why do you have openings? This may tell you something about how the organization is managed or what kind of problems the organization is coping with.
  8. What do you like about the organization? Get a sense of what the organization is like from someone who really knows.

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