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Travel Nursing Isn’t for Newbies: Travel Nursing for Later in Your Career

Travel nursing is such a great career opportunity for registered nurses that we often get newly-certified RNs asking about assignments.

As much as we’d love to assign a newly-minted RN to a travel assignment, we rarely do so. The reason? When our clients ask for a nurse for a short- or long-term travel assignment, it almost always means they are in great need – often desperate need – for a nurse who can hit the ground running and be successful and useful from day one.

New nurses rarely have that kind of experience.

Yes, our client sites will train you in “their way of doing things.” But they need a nurse who knows how to perform procedures quickly and correctly. Who has considerable experience handling all types of cases and emergencies. Who can commiserate with the teen who broke his foot during football practice to the father franticly wanting to know why his 2-year-old lost consciousness so suddenly.

Generally, we look for RNs who have been working in a hospital setting for at least one year. We do prefer nurses with more than three years’ experience, however.

If you’re a new nurse, we hope this hasn’t discouraged you. Time will fly quickly on your first job. Please send us your information and let us know you’re interested in a travel assignment once you have more experience. We’ll be happy to keep your information on file; travel nurses are in great demand and we’re always looking for new recruits.

Much success with your new nursing career!