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Four Hacks to Job Search Efficiently While on Assignment

The beauty of travel nursing is you’re always changing your job and surroundings. Every shutterstock_466959743
13 weeks or so, you’re off to your next assignment—new faces, new sites and a new role. But with that excitement comes the responsibility of having to find your next travel nursing job while you’re still on assignment. It may seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Your travel nursing company will help you find your next placement.

Follow these four steps to find your next travel RN position:

  1. Decide where you’d like to go. As you work with travel nursing agencies, you can help your recruiter help you when you give as much detail as possible. Think about the cities and regions you’d like to travel to, and the types of nursing experience you wish to gain. It will be much easier for your recruiter to fit you with top nursing jobs if they know what you’re looking for.
  2. Update your resume on a regular basis. This is so much easier than having to rush through updates at the last minute as you apply for your next travel nursing job. When you update your resume regularly, you will be sure to remember important details, such as new certifications, job experiences and accolades you’ve earned.
  3. Sign up for job alerts. Signing up for job alerts make it easier for you to get a head start on travel nursing employment opportunities. Rather than having to search job sites on your own, you will get an email alert as soon as a new job that matches your career parameters opens up.
  4. Work with your recruiter. If you’re not looking to change nursing staffing agencies and want to stay with your current recruiter, be sure to provide feedback on your travel nurse assignment. This will help your recruiter understand what you like and don’t like, and they can use this information to help you find a future travel nurse placement you’ll love.

Looking for a new travel nurse recruiter?

All nursing employment agencies are not created equal. For help finding your next travel RN assignment, you need a staffing agency with experience to help you land top nursing jobs. MedPro Healthcare Staffing specializes in the placement of travel nurses and can give you access to the best travel nursing jobs. To learn more, apply below or call us at 1-800-866-8108 to speak with a MedPro recruiter today.