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Mid-Year Check: Are Your 2016 Nursing Career Goals on Track?

Is 2016 your year? You may have thought so in January as you drafted your list of career goals, but maybe now you’re waffling. Are tasks taking longer than you thought or are you starting to lose steam? If so, it’s time to re-evaluate the objectives you’ve planned for yourself to achieve your career goals—and make changes that will help you to be successful. Here’s how.

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Get specific

When reviewing your goals for 2016, you may find some are too generic—which makes them harder to work on. For example, a goal of “Learn more about pediatric nursing” is very vague. But a goal of “Volunteer one day a week at a local pediatric hospital for two months” is much more specific, and can add to your success. It’s also important your tasks can be easily tracked—so you’ll know when you’ve completed them.

Be realistic

If some of your goals seem too big, break them down into smaller steps. When your tasks are more realistic, they’re a lot less scary—and this will give you the motivation to start on them right away. For example, maybe your goal was “Create a professional LinkedIn page.” Why not break that down into easier steps? Begin by updating your objective statement. Then, work on getting a professional head shot. Bit by bit, you’ll be able to get your task done.

Be honest

A few months into 2016, it’s possible some of your goals no longer make sense. You’ve been working hard and your career is constantly evolving. If a goal is no longer relevant, throw it out. You can always develop a new goal that will help steer your career more accurately.

Stay positive!

Don’t let setbacks get you down. Your own commitment to success is the driving factor behind your career plan. So keep your head up, keep an open mind, and keep working hard—and don’t be afraid to review and revise as you need to.

Lean on your support network

You can always involve your friends, family and colleagues in your goals. Let them know what you’re working on and ask for their support. They may be able to offer helpful advice, or even just a pat on the back that will keep you going.

Feeling stalled in your career?

If you have evaluated your career outlook and feel like you are stuck or not on track, don’t give up! Here are several additional resources to help you jump-start your career:

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