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You LOVE Your Current Assignment and Don’t Want to Leave—Now What? Considering Your Options.

As a travel nurse, the most satisfying moment comes when you find an assignment you truly fall in love with: the location is great, the staff and patients are fantastic, and everything just falls into place. So what do you do if your current assignment is coming to an end and you decide you’re not ready to leave? Here are a few steps to follow and things to keep in mind.

Contact Your Recruiter

The first thing you’ll want to do is talk to your recruiter and let her know how your position is going. If you really love your assignment and would like to continue, make sure you contact the recruiter as soon as possible before the position ends, because she can help facilitate a way for you to continue in an assignment and/or look for positions at the same facility or local area.

Talk to Your On-Site Manager

The hospital or medical facility at which you’re working as a travel nurse may be able to extend your assignment or find space for you—particularly if you’ve done a great job in your current assignment. Be respectful and professional and—after you’ve spoken with your MedPro recruiter—talk with your on-site supervisor about the facility’s staffing needs and how you might be able to fit in. Make sure you keep both your recruiter and your on-site manager in the loop as they may be able to negotiate in your favor about extending your assignment.

Provide Positive Feedback

Tell your recruiter why you like the assignment as much as you do. Is it the location, facility, type of position, etc.?  Is it your on-the-job colleagues or the type of patients you care for? This info will help them in suggesting new assignments which meet that criteria. Aim to go the extra mile and make sure you leave a lasting impression. Finally, make sure you fully consider your decision to stay longer in this one assignment: the more experience you have in different settings, the more valuable you become!

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