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Travel Nursing 2017: Continuing Education Strategies

For traveling healthcare professionals, keeping up with your travel nursing continuing education requirements can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many different resources available to help traveling nurses stay up to date with professional development.

Here are a few places to keep in mind if you are looking to get your nursing continuing education units.

MedPro University

For convenience, excellence and variety of offerings, there are few continuing education resources that can match MedPro University. It offers you essentially one-stop shopping for all of your educational needs, including continuing education.

MedPro U offers a virtually unlimited variety of learning experiences. You can choose from continuing education courses, exam preparation, short- and long-term courses geared toward specific professions, staff development programs, clinical development and skill acquisition internships.

The programs are taught by people at the top of their profession and clinical field. There are also many different ways you can take the courses – in a classroom setting with an instructor, online, home-based, individual and small-group coaching, and clinical preceptorships.

Some examples of the kinds of courses MedPro U offers include:

  • Critical Care Internship Program
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • IELTS training & preparation
  • TOEFL training & preparation
  • NCLEX online classes
  • NCLEX home-based correspondence course
  • NCLEX-live class
  • NPTE web-based program
  • NPTE live classroom program
  • Interviewing skills & resume preparation

Other continuing education resources

For completing your continuing education units, online courses offer you unmatched ease of use, allowing you to study whenever and wherever you want. Most websites offer a wide range of courses, immediate feedback on your performance, reasonable prices and technical support if needed.

One such online site is This site gives a directory of online continuing education courses for RNs, LVNs, LPNs, nurse practitioners and critical care nurses.

There is also This is another quick and easy way to get your continuing education units. CEUFast provides online courses for continuing education for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Another online resource is This site has continuing education course work, self-study courses, state certificate courses and other learning resources. is a leading site that brings together continuing education courses for nurses from a number of different resources. was created by nurses to help nurses with all of their clinical and professional informational needs. The site provides credible, current, authoritative, evidence-based resources to help nurses with their jobs.

Another good online resource is This is another site that offers a wide selection of courses. Their courses are put together by experts in their particular field. Their programs are updated regularly and new ones are added each month.

Travel Nursing Employment Agencies

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is your one stop-shop for top nursing jobs. If you are a nurse and want to travel, MedPro can help you with the entire process – finding a job, finding the right location, preparing for the interview, helping with the move and helping you settle in. We offer an array of services, including the MedPro Experience and MedPro University. Contact MedPro today at 1-800-866-8108 or apply below.

Learn more about the MedPro Experience, MedPro’s unique program that provides our healthcare professionals with memorable and rewarding experiences as they venture out to travel assignments across the U.S.


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