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Struggling to Find Specialty Nurses? Here’s What to Do.

Because of the demand for nurses, finding a good one is not easy for any healthcare organization, and it’s even harder when looking for specialty nurses. There are routinely more openings for these nurses than people to fill them.

So, if you find yourself in the position of needing a specialty nurse for your healthcare Untitled-1facility, what is the best way of getting one? Your best bet is using a recruiting firm, and there are a number of reasons for this. This is true even in the electronic age, where people use job boards and social media to find positions. Recruiting agencies still have advantages that these other avenues lack. Here are a few of them.

In-depth knowledge of the healthcare job market.

Because agencies are constantly working with people looking for jobs and organizations looking for people, the recruiting agencies have up-to-the-minute intelligence on what the market looks like for a particular specialty – the number of people who are available, the organizations who are looking for them and the number of openings. The agency would know if a particular specialty is exceptionally tight.

The agencies will know where the professionals you need “live,” and how to best recruit them. Healthcare staffing agencies also have up-to-the-minute salary trends. The agencies can work with your organization to give you an idea of what you are facing in your efforts to find people.

A bigger network.

There may be potential candidates out there that you may not even know about because they are not in the job market. They may be passive candidates, or people who are just very particular about the jobs they apply for. A healthcare staffing agency, because of the contacts it makes and the networks it develops, will very often know about these people. The agency recruiters can use the network of people they know to put the recruiter in touch with other nurses in their field as well. This network is very often something that in-house hiring teams are unaware of.

Good job matches.

When a healthcare organization receives an application, the human resources department has to review it to determine if the person is a good match for the job, whether they have the proper education, credentials and experience needed.

Working through a recruiting agency, however, enables the organization to avoid this time- and resource-consuming step. Working with the healthcare facility, the agency knows what the organization is looking for in terms of knowledge, skill, experience, and character traits. The agency does the evaluation before submitting candidates for consideration, so the hospital or medical organization knows it’s getting only the people who are good matches for the job.

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