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Travel Nurse Staffing Strategy: 2017 Plan for Success

shutterstock_361337135As you forecast your staffing needs for the upcoming year, you may want to consider hiring travel nurses. More and more healthcare facilities are opting for the advantages that come with traveling nurses, since they can help you maximize your staffing budget while maintaining adequate nursing staff levels.

Benefits of staffing with travel nurses include:

  • Avoiding turnover of long-term, permanent staff due to burnout.
  • Reducing the time to train new nurses. Travel nurses are seasoned professionals and are used to quick job transitions.
  • Finding nurses with specialized skills. Sometimes you only require a nursing professional with certain skills and experience for a short-term assignment.

What are your upcoming staffing needs?

As you build your travel nursing staffing strategy, consider all the reasons you may need to bring on temporary nursing staff in 2017. This could include:

  • Medical leave of one of your full-time nurses
  • Growth of your facility, such as the opening of a new wing or location
  • Special projects that may pull one or several full-timers away
  • The need for specialty nurses, which are in high demand and can be hard to staff for
  • A season that typically sees an influx of patients to your facility, such as summertime

How to find the best travel nurses

As you begin your search for travel nurses to round out your nursing staff, you may wonder where to look. As it turns out, travel nursing agencies are your best choice for travel nurses. You can save the time it takes to find, hire and train new nurses. Plus, your travel nursing recruiter will work with you to understand your staffing needs and find the best nurses for the job! In your search for temporary nurses, travel nursing recruitment services help you make the most of your time, money and recruiting efforts.

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