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Travel Nurse Resume: 7 Things to Include that Will Help You Get Hired!

shutterstock_413201986Travel nursing is an excellent career choice. You can travel to areas where your specialty is in the greatest demand and choose the areas you would most like to visit. But the key to landing the best travel nursing assignments is presenting your qualifications in the best light. It’s likely your resume will be entered into an applicant tracking system (ATS) before being reviewed by a recruiter, so be prepared for both computer and manual scans.

Here are seven things to remember when seeking travel nursing Jobs:

  1. Use common acronyms. It may seem repetitive on occasion, but both computers and people will be looking for terms and acronyms that are common to your field or specialties.
  2. Licenses and certifications. List all of your certifications, both spelled out and abbreviated so you can be identified as a qualified candidate for any open travel nursing assignments.
  3. Specialties. List any specialties you are qualified for or in which you have experience. Clearly state your specialties and the number of years experience you have in the specialties.
  4. Facilities where you’ve worked. Employers may be looking for nurses with experience at a large metro trauma area, or maybe a rural walk-in clinic. Each takes a different kind of temperament, skill set or intangibles that specific employers may need.
  5. Charting systems used. Technology has become a large part of healthcare. Facilities seek staff that will require minimal training to get up to speed. Be sure to list all systems and software you are comfortable with.
  6. Education. List any applicable coursework, certification or degrees that will set you apart from the competition.
  7. Professional affiliations, honors and awards. Don’t be shy. Here’s your chance to blow your own horn. Let potential employers and travel nursing employment agencies know what you have to offer.

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