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Travel Nurse? Five Tips for Mastering a New EHR System

Electronic Health Records, or EHR, are a permanent fixture in most healthcare settings. As of January 1, 2014, our government required private and public healthcare providers to adopt EHRs as a condition of eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Unfortunately, EHR systems are not created equally. As a travel nurse, you will need to become familiar with a facility’s EHR with each new travel assignment you accept. Luckily, you can take a few important, helpful steps to help yourself along the way.

Follow these tips to quickly master a new EHR system

You can help ease your transition into each new EHR by doing the following:

  1. Give yourself the time you need to learn the new system. It’s simply part of your responsibility each time you accept a new assignment: you’ll need to set aside a few hours to become familiar with the EHR system used by your facility. By taking this valuable time up front, you’ll help save yourself frustration and prevent possible errors down the road.
  2. Find parallels between systems. Luckily, since all EHR systems are designed to house the same types of information, you will be able to find similarities between new EHR systems and those you have already learned. Look for these parallels in system design as you bring yourself up to speed with a new EHR.
  3. Learn most-used functions first. EHR systems are large, but chances are you’ll only need to use certain sections on a day-to-day basis. Find out what these important sections are during your orientation and training, and work on mastering these first.
  4. Identify your go-to for system support. As a travel worker, you may be assigned a job “buddy” to whom you can go for help as you’re learning the ins and outs of your new position. Find out whom specifically you can rely upon when you have questions about the EHR system.
  5. When in doubt, Google it. Never underestimate what you can find on the Internet. By simply searching online, you may be able to find many answers to your questions in the form of webinars, articles, discussion boards, and more.

Your time spent learning will be worth it in the end

By learning what you need to know to excel at your travel nurse job, you’ll further position yourself as a healthcare professional who takes his or her job with utmost seriousness. Taking the time you need to master a new EHR system will help improve your accuracy and efficiency each time you use it.

Are you ready for your next travel nursing position?

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