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Travel Healthcare Resume Audit (10-Minute Guide)

Does your resume include everything it should? Does it have any extra information you can trim? You can quickly and easily evaluate your travel healthcare resume in just a few steps—to make sure it’s ready to help you land your next travel placement. Just follow our 10-Minute Resume Guide.

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Be sure to include this information

Scan your resume to ensure it contains:

  • Current licenses and certifications. List every license and certification you have by its accurate title (e.g., RN, LPN), and include the following information about each:
    • License or certification number
    • Licensing or certifying organization
    • Expiration date (or date obtained, if there is no expiration date)
    • If the license is a compact nursing license
  • Your specialties. Include any specialized experience you may have, and the number of years you have worked in this specialty.
  • Experience/work history. Don’t lump all your travel assignments together. Your work history should list every facility you’ve worked for, with the following information about each (as applicable):
    • The facility’s full name
    • Your job title at the facility
    • Your start and end dates at the facility
    • The type of facility (e.g., short-term acute care, children’s hospital, etc.), number of beds in the facility, whether or not it was a teaching hospital, and whether or not it was a trauma hospital
    • The unit you worked in, with the number of beds in that unit/your patient load or caseload
    • The name of the staffing agency that placed you with the assignment
    • Any EHR, charting or computer systems/software you used
  • Your resume should include your education related only to healthcare. Include the name of each institution you attended, its full address and telephone number, the dates you were there and the degree you earned.
  • Additional qualifications. If you’re a member of any professional organizations, such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), include these on your resume. You might also want to list any honors or awards you’ve received.
  • Explanations of any gaps in employment. You should include an explanation of any employment gaps longer than four weeks.

Skip the following information

The above is a fairly robust list, so any trimming you can do will help you keep your resume to a more manageable length. You don’t need to include the following:

  • Any information you address in your cover letter. You don’t need to repeat yourself—stating information once is enough.
  • Education that doesn’t pertain to healthcare. For example, you don’t need to list your high school.
  • Your hobbies and pastimes. You can bring this up during your interview if the hiring manager is looking for more information about your personality. It will just take up extra space on your resume.

Finishing touches

Review, review, review. Proofread your resume to ensure good grammar and spelling. You may wish to ask a friend or family member to review it. A second set of eyes can make sure your resume is interview-ready.

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