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Top 4 Tips for a Great Relationship with Your Healthcare Recruiter

When you partner with a travel nursing or therapy employment agency, you’ll work one-on-one with a recruiter to find assignments that provide an opportunity for you to achieve your goals. Your recruiter will be a sort of career mentor and ally, helping you find the positions necessary to provide a challenge, and an opportunity for growth.

Effective communication with your recruiter is essential.
Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter:

Get to know several recruiters before making a decision.
Before deciding on a recruiter or staffing firm, take the time to meet with several different recruiters. Share your career goals, “must-haves” and “likes,” and make notes about your meetings. You should carefully choose what recruiter you will work with – this person will be integral to your career!

Let your recruiter know what places are “off limits.”
You’ll save yourself and your recruiter time if you let him or her know upfront what cities or states are undesirable. Or, if you would rather not work for a specific healthcare company, make it known. Be sure to tell your recruiter anything that will make it easier to find you assignments within your goals!

Provide feedback to your recruiter after every assignment.
If you finished an assignment that was less than ideal (or one that was fantastic!), be sure to let your recruiter know right away. This type of feedback is invaluable, and provides key insights into what types of positions are best for you.

Check in while you’re not on assignment.
If you’re in between assignments, be sure to check in with your recruiter from time to time. There could be a great assignment, just waiting for a great nurse or therapist like you! Or, you could be sure to touch base well in advance of when you’d like another assignment, so that when the right one comes along, you’re the first person in mind.

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