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10 Easy Ways to Stay Fit on Assignment

Anyone who says that staying fit while traveling can be easy and simple probably has never actually been a road warrior.

As a healthcare traveler, you’re staying in one place for weeks at a time, so you should find it about as easy to get your fitness efforts in as regularly as you do at home, but should be as easy never means it will be easy.

So, read below for 10 tips on how to stay fit while on your travel assignment.

  1. Chances are that the apartment complex where you’ll be staying has some kind of exercise facility/weight room. Use it.
  2. You may be working second or third shift, so the apartment complex’s exercise room shouldn’t be as busy when you have the time to exercise. Take advantage of this.
  3. If you don’t like to use weight room/exercise facilities and if you’re driving to your assignment city, pack some lightweight dumbbells of 5, 8 or 10 pounds. This allows you to get some weight training in at your convenience in the privacy of your apartment.
  4. If flying, pack resistance bands and an inflatable exercise/balance ball. These can be just as effective as weights when it comes to improving/maintaining your fitness.
  5. If packing any fitness equipment is out of the question, don’t forget your own body weight. Exercises such as pushups, squats, lunges, etc., can be an absolutely terrific way to stay in shape. No muss, no fuss, no extra stuff in your suitcases!
  6. If you’re interested in a body weight regime, recommends the following: March in place or perform jumping jacks for about three minutes as a warm-up. Then do 10-50 reps (depending on your fitness level) of pushups, lunges, dips, squats and sit-ups/crunches. Do the exercises quickly, with little rest between them. Repeat at least once or, preferably, two more times for a total of three circuits. This will give you a great aerobic as well as body-weight (as in weight training) workout
  7. If you’ve a favorite video exercise program, bring it. Chances are the television in your apartment will have a DVD player. Or bring a small DVD player with you.
  8. Are you a runner? Bring your running shoes! You’ll undoubtedly find a new colleague who’s also a runner at your assignment, and you can ask him or her for tips on where to run and running events taking place in your new city.
  9. Bring your running/walking shoes and walk/run during your lunch hour.

10. If all else fails, bring your walking/running shoes and walk everywhere you can. To the market, throughout your apartment complex, up and down your facility’s stairs. Aim to get the 10,000 steps in that are recommended for maximum fitness each day.

What tips can you offer fellow travelers that have worked for you? Don’t be shy: write them here!

No matter your fitness level, if you’re an experienced nurse, PT, OT, speech therapist, pharmacist or other allied health professional and you’d like a career as a traveling healthcare professional, send your resume/CV to MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you!