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Start Planning Now for Your Travel Healthcare Assignments with Your Family

To make your travel assignment the best it can be, especially if you plan to travel with children, preparation is obviously important. You also need to research the area that you will be going to and talk things over with your recruiter. It’s also important to maintain a flexible mindset.

Healthcare professionals who travel with their families should pack lightly, but include comfort items. Traveling healthcare providers should enroll children in similar activities from one assignment to the next. Traveling professionals should carry an up-to-date medical record for each child. Communicate openly with your travel nursing agency recruiter.

You should work with your staffing agency recruiter, who can help you with childcare and educational resources, such as information on school districts, preschool and daycare options. Some agencies will also provide you with websites for various attractions in the area.

To prevent problems with schooling, some traveling healthcare professionals only take their children with them during summertime. Experts counsel that children need continuity, so if you plan to take your children along, you may want to consider an assignment that will extend for the entire school year.

Since continuity is so important, some travelers try to bring familiar things along for their children, such as favorite toys. Another way to maintain the feeling of familiarity is to bring photographs of favorite places and things.

To find the best housing, it is important to maintain good communication with your recruiter. The staffing agency will generally check out the feasibility of finding adequate housing at your assignment location before you sign up for the work. Some travelers decide to find housing on their own, and accept a housing allowance instead.

When you are packing for an assignment, again, preparation is key. Check to find out what the weather is like at your destination. What are the average temperatures for the time of year you will be there? Check your living facility to find out what items are provided and what are not.

Most healthcare travelers travel solo. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your family along for the trip! Talk to MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s recruiters to learn more about healthcare travel assignments.