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Travel Contract Extensions: Should You Accept? Or Reject?

Picture this: You’re on a 13-week travel assignment, the typical length of an assignment. And you’ve just been asked to extend the assignment.

The question arises: Do you have to accept the extension?

The answer: It depends.

Some travel staffing firms place in their contracts that accepting an assignment means accepting any and all extensions, so it’s wise to check with your recruiter before signing a contract. Other firms don’t have contracts per se and rely more on good faith interactions. Alternately, some firms have contracts, but don’t require you to look at extensions as part of the original assignment, but look at them as “new” assignments.

Again, communication is key.

Things can become a little sticky depending on circumstances. For example, if there was no extension clause in the contract (or there’s no contract) but you verbally accepted the extension. Or you may not have clearly rejected the extension (not saying anything could be seen as agreeing to an assignment). Depending on the travel staffing service, the service could see such an “agreement” and then renege as a “breach of contract.” Just be sure you are in constant communication and clearly state your intention to reject, or accept an extension.

Again, talk to your recruiter.

If you say you will accept the extension and then renege on it, even if there’s no contract, you can expect your recruiter to lose trust in you, particularly if you do turn the extension down at the last minute! You might receive a “ding” on your work record (which could result in a poor reference). Your recruiter could lose so much trust in you that she never calls you for assignments again.

This needn’t happen if you’re upfront with your recruiter regarding your ability or your desire to extend your assignment. In addition, recruiters understand that “things happen.” You could accept an extension and then experience a family crisis. That’s why it’s imperative to be aboveboard and communicate regularly with your recruiter.

Whether you’re a nurse, an OT, PT, speech therapist, pharmacist or other allied health professional, if you have one or two years of experience, the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing want to talk to you about the many travel assignments we have available today at hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities all over the country. We look forward to hearing from you!