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Being Prepared Can Help You in Any Situation

As Superstorm Sandy showed all too well in late October, emergencies and crises can happen anywhere, at any time (weather experts had Sandy’s track pretty much nailed down just three days before its landfall in New Jersey). How prepared are you if you were to find yourself in a crises situation far from home?

No one can predict exactly what will happen during the crisis itself (Sandy proved that, even though citizens and governments prepared reasonably well in the time they had), but it’s still best to be as prepared as possible.

Read below for tips on how to be prepared for emergencies that may pop up while on assignment.

  • Bring an extra cell phone charger with you. Keep it on your person at all times (and not just at your apartment).
  • Consider getting a landline placed in your apartment. Cell phones may run out of juice before your apartment has power again and/or the cell tower itself may go offline, rendering your cell phone useless. If you don’t want to install a landline in your apartment, ask an assignment colleague with a landline if you may give friends and family that number so that they may check in on you.
  • Check with your hospital, or medical facility. Chances are its phones will still work and you might be able to call out and get calls to your family members.
  • Have at least three days’ worth of non-perishable food items in your apartment and at least one day’s worth in your car. By the way, canned soup can be eaten at room temperature.
  • Fill your gas tank.
  • In your car’s trunk, place warm blankets, a change of clothing, sturdy shoes, a pillow, a flashlight, a first aid kit, some tools, and whatever else you think could be handy if you find yourself away from your work site or apartment.

If the emergency is happening back home while you’re on assignment, see if you can get your family access to a landline.

We know that you may be frantic with worry, but unless your family is directly affected by a crisis, we recommend that you don’t try to return home while the crisis is at its peak. Emergency personnel will be hard at work dealing with the crisis and dealing with people trying to get in to an area can divert their attention.

If your assignment location or your home experiences an emergency while you’re on assignment and you’d like to leave your assignment, let your recruiter/staffing manager at MedPro Healthcare Staffing know. We’ll work with you as much as we can.

Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.