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Spreading Holiday Cheer While on Travel Assignment

You may be far from long-time friends and family while on a healthcare travel assignment but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great holiday experience with your new friends and colleagues.

Read below for some tips on how to spread some holiday cheer while working on a travel assignment.

  • Why not invite some other “holiday orphans” to your apartment for a holiday party (or two)? Many people – and not just travelers – may find themselves far from home during the holidays. Or, they’re new to the area and have yet to establish the types of friendships that result in invitations to holiday dinners. You could cook a meal or ask everyone to bring a dish for a potluck. If you have the actually holiday off, you can have your meal on the day itself, but don’t let the fact that you’re working a shift on the holiday stop you – designate a day for the party when all the other singletons have off and have a wonderful time!
  • You’ll have to see if it’s allowed of course, but what’s to stop you from donning a Santa cap or headband fashioned like reindeer horns to wear while at work?
  • If you send holiday cards to friends and family, why not send –as in hand out – some cards to your new colleagues.
  • If you have the holiday off and you’ve no family nearby to visit on the day itself, see if there’s a full-time staff member in your department with a family who does have to work a shift that day and offer to switch with him. Your coworker will love you for giving him the chance to spend the holiday with his family and you’ll feel great that you were able to give this truly nifty gift, too.
  • Organize a white elephant gift party with your co-workers. If you’re all pressed for time, hold the party during a short lunch break.
  • If allowed, decorate your department and, to make it a bit more fun different, ask each co-worker to bring in just one decoration each.
  • If not already done at your assignment facility, see if you can organize a Toys for Tots or other toy charity for children. The same goes for a coat/hat/mittens donation.
  • Put together a secret Santa gift-giving program with co-workers. Make it easy: no more than $5 spent and all gifts have to be purchased at the hospital. (No need to make special shopping trips.)

Is one of the gifts you wrote Santa about the chance to work as a healthcare traveler? If you’re a nurse, PT, OT, pharmacist, or speech therapist with one or two years of experience, MedPro Healthcare Staffing can help make that happen for the 2014 holidays. Contact us today to learn how you can become a traveler.