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Creating Your Desired Travel Assignment Destinations List

Travel healthcare careers present an opportunity to travel across the country and experience new cultures and climates, all while reaching your career goals. But when you’re just starting out, or you’re considering new areas of the country, the choices can seem overwhelming. Our 50 states offer a variety of weather conditions, amenities and cultures.

A desired destinations list can help you plan your career.
Once you’ve decided what destinations are on your list, it will be easier to plan and achieve your goals. Here are some ways you can put together your desired destinations  list:

Rule out any “easy outs” first.
Starting out with 50 states (or even hundreds of cities!) can be a bit overwhelming. Make it easier to start by crossing off your potential list the places you know are out of consideration.

Map out your “musts,” “likes” and “wishes.”
Identify what things you must have in any city you visit for an assignment. If you are a diehard NFL fan, one of your “musts” might be a city with a football team. If you absolutely hate snow, your top “must” may be a city with an average temperature of 60 degrees or higher. Take the time to jot down a list, then include the cities that embody your “musts,” “likes” and “wishes.”

Include some out of the ordinary choices.
Presumably, part of what attracted you to a career in travel healthcare is a love of travel. Why not include a few choices that are a little outside your preferred cities? You can always turn down an assignment you don’t want, but you might find a little bit of adventure in a new and exciting area!

Take the time to lay out your desired destinations list now, and you’ll be better prepared to make the most out of your next travel assignment.

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