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Tough Travel Assignment? Here Are Four Takeaways.

Not all travel assignments are created equal. You may find yourself in a medical facility that is poorly run, or a place where you are not treated well by the other employees. If you’ve ever had this experience, you don’t want it to happen again. Here are a few lessons travel nurses have learned from bad travel experiences.

Get it in writing.

Make sure all the terms and conditions of your employment are in your contract with the recruiter. This includes such things as the days and hours you will work. If your supervisor at the medical facility is experiencing staffing problems, they may ignore the terms of your employment unless they are in writing in your contract.

If the terms are not written down, it will be difficult to dispute any changes that are made.

Know how to handle a bad situation.shutterstock_177774698

If a problem comes up and is making your job difficult, you need to know how to go about addressing the situation. First, try and handle the situation yourself by talking to the supervisor.

If this doesn’t yield any results, go to your recruiter and explain the situation and get the staffing agency involved. If your recruiter is not helpful, go up the chain of command at the agency.

Research the medical facility.

Before you agree to accept a job, find out what you can about the facility. You can usually get a good idea about the facility from the recruiter who routinely deals with the institution.

Find out what other travel nurses think about the place. For example, if other travel nurses have worked at the facility, ask what the nurse-patient ratio is, how the schedule is made, what the orientation procedures are, what type of medical records are used and whether you will have to float.

Research the staffing agency.

Find a staffing agency you can trust to minimize the chances of landing in a bad assignment. How long has the agency been in business? What kind of reputation does it have among travel healthcare professionals? What kind of testimonials does it have on its website? Does it have a wide range of jobs listed? What kind of experience does your recruiter have? What kind of reputation do they have as a recruiter?

Travel RN Career Opportunities

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