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Planning to Return to School? Tips for Working with Your Agency for a Smooth Transition

Working in healthcare can mean going back to school – a lot. Whether it’s for an advanced degree or taking the time to go to a conference or seminar for continuing education credits and requirements, healthcare professionals are pretty much required to keep on keeping on when it comes to education.

But what if you’re a healthcare traveler? Some CE seminars can be a few days or weeks long. A master’s or doctorate degree in your field can take months or years. How can you continue to travel while pursuing more education?

Read below for some strategies. As a side note, these strategies are best deployed after you’ve been working with a travel staffing service for at least two or three assignments. You’ve become a proven and trusted employee and your staffing manager(s) may be more willing to accommodate your needs.

  • Aim to take on assignments either close to home or close to your educational institution. Doing so will allow you to study in a program designed for working adults more easily. That is, you can work during the day and take your classes at night.
  • With that in mind, ask your staffing manager for day-shift assignments only.
  • Work with your travel staffing service so that you will take on only those assignments of 13-weeks or fewer.
  • If you wish to take a multi week, full-time certification course, speak with your staffing manager about not taking one or more assignments for a set period of time (a few weeks, a couple of months), while you’re taking the course.
  • Ask your staffing manager if you could take travel assignments that are part time. For example, you work three days on and four days off. Or you work just four- or six-hour shifts.

One thing you should do as you approach your staffing manager about a “non-traditional” traveling calendar is to talk up how the additional degree or certification will make you more attractive to the staffing firm’s clientele – and, therefore, more marketable for the staffing firm.

The great thing about traveling is that it can give you greater flexibility than working for one hospital, clinic or other medical facility. Contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today to learn more about our many traveling opportunities.