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Growing Your Career Out of the Chaos of a Travel ER Nursing Career

If you’re a nurse with experience in the emergency room and you want to grow within that role, consider becoming a traveling nurse who takes on ER assignments.

How could working as a traveling ER nurse help your career?

Emergency rooms, by their very nature, are chaotic locations. Working different ER assignments every three months or so (a typical travel healthcare assignment is 13 weeks in length) would allow you to grow your skills while working in different ER environments in various types of facilities, in different regions of the country.

An ER in a small town in the Midwest can be very different from one in cities such as New York or Los Angeles. Imagine the wealth of experiences you’ll encounter over time as you move from ER to ER, city to city and one socio-economic region to another.

As you move from ER to ER and gain more real-world experience, your ability to move fluidly within the commotion of a typical emergency room will not go unnoticed. Your calmness in even the most chaotic of situations will be noted and welcomed.

You’ll soon become known as the ER travel nurse who can handle any situation. Nothing rattles you. Why? Because you’ve worked in so many different ERs that in a short time you will have “been there done that.”

Work as a traveling ER nurse for just a couple of years and then use that experience – and the addition of the medical and technological skills you’ve gained through your assignments – to land a great position in the ER in the city of your choice. The months you spend traveling will provide you with a lot more experience than if you’d stayed in one hospital for the same amount of time; your resume will far outshine just about any other candidate.

Or, if you truly enjoy a variety of work in different facilities and cities, consider a more permanent career as a traveling ER nurse. The more ER assignments you take on, the more in demand you’ll become because your travel staffing service will definitely be able to “sell” your considerable ER experience to different hospitals.

Are you an ER nurse with at least two years’ professional experience? Have you been thinking about learning more about working as a traveler? Then call a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter today. We’d love to discuss your career goals and how our traveling assignments can help you meet – and even exceed – them. We look forward to hearing from you.