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Top Temporary Destinations: The Best Locales for Your Next Travel Healthcare Position

A career in healthcare can be rewarding, stimulating, and can offer a multitude of personal and professional growth opportunities. For travel healthcare professionals, including nurses or therapists, another exciting perk of the job is the destinations you can explore.

Temporary nursing or therapy positions can take you to any number of exciting opportunities across the United States. Some of the top destinations, not surprisingly, feature gorgeous weather 360 days a year, in addition to cultural and sports activities to entice travel nurses and therapists with a range of personal interests.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top destinations for travel healthcare professionals:

1. Phoenix, Arizona

Winter weather in Phoenix typically hovers around the 60 degree mark, which for many is reason enough to explore travel nursing or therapy opportunities in Phoenix. In addition, sports fans can take in games from the NFL Arizona Cardinals, NHL Phoenix Coyotes, MLB Arizona Diamondbacks or NBA Phoenix Suns.  Interested in exploring one of the world’s natural wonders? Phoenix is just a four- to five-hour drive from the Grand Canyon. Those who are interested in exploring cultural landmarks or museums can stop by the Heard Museum, celebrating Native Southwest cultures, famous architecture designed by icons like Frank Lloyd Wright or can take in some classical music by the Phoenix Symphony.  (View current openings available in Arizona)

2. Southern California

The sunny beaches and mild temperatures of Southern California make the region a top destination for travel nurses and therapy professionals. From the famous San Diego Zoo, to the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard to Disneyland, Southern California is brimming with activities for just about everyone. And the region is home to nearly a dozen professional sports teams, including the MLB San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Los Angeles Dodgers, the NFL San Diego Chargers, the NBA Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, NHL Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks and the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy.  (View current openings available in California)

3. San Antonio, Texas

Whether you’re looking for historical sites, professional sports teams or exciting theme parks like Sea World and Six Flags, San Antonio has a range of activities for temporary healthcare professionals. On any given day, you could visit the site of the infamous Alamo, stop by a basketball game for the NBA San Antonio Spurs, or relax and spend the day along The River Walk, or Paseo del Rio. A cosmopolitan area amidst a beautiful and serene river, you’ll find entertainment and unique, upscale shopping opportunities unrivaled by many cities. (View current openings available in Texas)

These three are just a sampling of the unique and exciting destinations awaiting travel healthcare professionals across the U.S. Now, we ask you to join our new Facebook poll to vote on your favorite temporary destination.

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