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Traveling Occupational Therapist Resume

Building a Traveling Occupational Therapist Resume

If you’re an occupational therapist with at least two years of professional experience behind you and you’re interested in working as a traveling OT, good for you! We’d love to hear from you!

How to build a good resume for traveling assignments

Have no fear, a resume for a traveling OT is very similar to that of one for an occupational therapist who wishes to work for one clinic, hospital or healthcare facility in one place. There is a slight twist for the traveling OT resume, though: you need to show your flexibility and your ability to handle change on a long-term basis.

One of the easiest changes you can – and should – make to your OT resume is to change your objective to one that states that you’re looking to work as a traveling OT. Be sure to place this at the top of your resume, immediately below your name, address and contact information.

Follow the objective with what is known as a summary statement. This is where you summarize your skills, experience and educational background in a short paragraph. You also should highlight some of your certifications specific to OT and other pertinent qualifications. The summary paragraph also could be where you state your flexibility and ability to deal with constant change.

Highlighting technical skills

Then comes a list of those specific technical skills. You can place these in a bulleted list for easy reading. Typical skills to highlight could be care plan creation and administration, patient/family education, your interpersonal skills, software and other technologies with which you’re familiar, etc.

Since you’ve been working for at least two years as an OT, you’ll then highlight some of your successes (you can dub this section “Highlights of Accomplishments”) in your career. Be very specific in this section. You’re able to see X number of OT patients a week. You’ve been honored with this specific award. You were employee of the month for your department X number of times. You’ve written X number of journal articles, etc.

This accomplishment section also could be where you highlight your flexibility: “Handled regular shift changes with aplomb and received commendation from supervisor regularly,” for example.

Final tips

Finally, list your employers in reverse chronological order. Then list your educational history, starting with more recent certifications first, going in reverse chronological order.

Keep the number of fonts you use in the resume to no more than two. Boldface the fonts sparingly and don’t use underlining. In other words, keep your resume clean and spare looking. Aim to keep it to no more than one or two pages.

Looking for more information on a career as a traveling OT? Then contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We’d love to discuss our many the many traveling OT jobs we now have available at facilities across the country.