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2014’s Giving Travelers a Winter of Rough Weather – Top Apps to Install to Stay Safe on the Road

Traveling can be a lot of fun when the weather is nice. When you open your car windows and crank up the music, the miles just fly by. But white-knuckling it through drifting snow, patches of black ice and limited visibility can take the joy out of travel. Harrowing road trips can make wonder why you signed on as a traveler in the first place. These apps won’t bring summer any faster,  but they can make your next  road trip a little easier.

INRIX Traffic

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS devices (3.1 or later), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Based on Google Maps, INRIX provides current traffic conditions and helps you determine the best time to travel, based on road and traffic conditions. The app also allows users to alert fellow travelers to accidents or other changes to conditions. A premium upgrade is available for $24.99 that provides users with live traffic feeds and allows drivers to save their favorite routes.

Weather Channel

Price: Free

Compatibility:  iOS devices,  Android, Windows Phone

This free app not only provides data on temperature, wind and precipitation, but also updates visibility on an hourly basis – immeasurably helpful when you’re driving. Extended ten day forecasts and Doppler radar is available as well as severe weather alerts. Users can use the social sharing feature to upload images or update Twitter.


Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS devices , Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

TripIt is a one-stop planning and management tool that can be used for virtually any sort of travel. Create and access itineraries which include hotel,  air travel  and dining. Sync with calendars on Apple, Google and Outlook or share your plans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email.


Price: Varies

Compatibility: iOS devices,  Android, Windows Phone

Many cars have in-dash GPS, but CoPilot is a great app for travelers driving cars without GPS or  to augment existing systems. It provides as many as three alternate routes – allowing travelers to make on-the-fly changes to avoid traffic or weather problems. It also provides off-line maps which can be crucial when traveling in an area without cell or wifi service. It connects to Google or Wikipedia to access additional information and can even point you to the best nearby gas prices.

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