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Beach Bum or Ski Bunny? Top 5 Winter Travel Assignment Destinations.

For some, the impending arrival of winter is one to dread. Cold, wet snow…shoveling…scraping ice off of the car.

For others, winter is an opportunity to hit the slopes, go snowboarding, build a snowman, or relax with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

However you fall on the winter-appreciating spectrum, MedPro has great travel healthcare jobs to help you maximize this winter! Here are our top 5 destinations for winter assignments:

Orlando, Florida
Home of Mickey Mouse, the Orlando Magic (if the NBA ever decides to start this season!) and an average monthly temperature of about 60 degrees in the winter. Orlando also has a bustling arts scene, top-notch shopping…oh, and it’s within an hour of some of the best beaches in Florida. Whether you prefer to hit the Space Coast and the Melbourne area, or head down to St. Petersburg and Clearwater, all a little over an hour away, Orlando is right in the heart of Florida – and offers you a prime location for some of the best beaches and activities available.

San Diego, California
Sports fans can enjoy football this winter in San Diego – instead of sitting in sub-zero temperatures to enjoy an NFL game, you can sit in the average temperature of about 65 degrees this winter. Or, you can head to the world-famous San Diego zoo. Or maybe you can forget all of those activities and just relax on the beach. Surfing, volleyball, or just good, old-fashioned relaxing, San Diego’s beaches are some of the best in the country.

Aspen, Colorado
If beaches bore you and you’d rather be out on the slopes, Aspen, Colorado may just be your next great temporary home. With four world-class mountains, Aspen offers some of the best skiing opportunities in the country. And when you’re done on the slopes, enjoy upscale dining and shopping opportunities in this tourist-friendly town.

Salt Lake City, Utah
There are no fewer than 14 ski resorts within an hour of Salt Lake City International Airport – take your pick! Whatever your skill level, you can find ample opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous ski resorts of Utah. After a long day enjoying nature, enjoy some of Salt Lake City’s bustling nightlife, and enjoy a night on the town!

Las Vegas, Nevada
You may think of gambling first…maybe broadway-caliber shows next, but if you enjoy relaxing on the beach, Las Vegas may just be your next travel healthcare destination! Whether you choose to enjoy the man-made beaches and pools at the luxury resorts along the famous Las Vegas strip, or you take a short drive to some of Southern California’s famous beaches, you’re sure to find enough sun and relaxation to drum away the winter “blahs”.

Looking to get away this winter?
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