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Top 5 Travel Healthcare Job Questions

Considering a career as a traveling healthcare professional? Congratulations! Travel healthcare and therapy jobs offer rewarding, challenging career opportunities. But, as you might have guessed, traveling healthcare jobs can be quite different than their stationary counterparts.

Your questions – answered.

To help you get started in your traveling healthcare career, we’ve identified the top 5 questions about a career in travel nursing or therapy:

  1. Where can I go? The location possibilities for a traveling healthcare career are literally limitless! Whether you want to travel across the country, or you want more flexibility closer to home, there are respected healthcare facilities looking for experienced traveling healthcare professionals like you. Small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between – there are many traveling healthcare positions available. If you’re interested in an assignment in a particular location, your traveling employment partner will help you find the right position, in the right location.
  2. What type of training/education do I need to get started in traveling healthcare? Precise qualifications will vary based on the specific position and healthcare facility; however, in general, you will need a valid degree in your area of practice from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States. You must also have passed your national licensure exam. Some organizations are willing to try out recent graduates, and others prefer to have more tenured healthcare professionals on staff. Talk to your employment partner about the specific requirements you’ll need, and the opportunities that are a good match for you.
  3. How long are travel healthcare assignments? Typical travel nursing or therapy assignments last 13 weeks. On occasion, assignments of different lengths may become available. Longer-term assignments are also available sometimes by extending your assignment or by working with your recruiting partner to find another position in the same location.
  4. How are my assignments chosen? When you contact MedPro, we’ll review your background, education and experience. We’ll also discuss your career goals and preferred locations to help determine which positions are a good fit. We’ll present you with a list of possible assignments, all with locations and pay scale, and we can help you choose which positions will best help you achieve your goals.
  5. How will I know if a traveling healthcare career is right for me? Do you enjoy constantly learning new things and adapting to new environments? If you’re constantly craving knowledge and exposure to new ways of doing things, then travel nursing or therapy might be a great career path for you.

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