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Tips on Preparing for a Travel Assignment as a Traveling Therapist

Tips on Preparing for a Travel Assignment as a Traveling Therapist

So, you’ve decided you want to give this great career path you’ve been hearing about – that of a traveling therapist – a shot. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself.

First of all, you must be a licensed therapist. MedPro Healthcare Staffing and other travel staffing services usually place occupational, physical and speech therapy professionals in temporary assignments of (usually) about 13 weeks in length. Many can be longer, but the shortest usually is 13 weeks. If you haven’t worked as a therapist for a while and you’ve let your license lapse, you’ll need to get it again. (Important note: MedPro Staffing will pay for any licenses you need to secure in your assignment state.)

You’ll need at least a year of professional experience working in your field to become a traveling therapist. (Internships while in your training program don’t count.) Two years is better.

Traveling can be great fun. It can also be exhausting. Objectively look at any and all health issues  you have and ascertain if you can really make a go of moving every three months, learning a new healthcare facility’s “way of doing things,” learning your way around a new environment, etc. Also, challenges when traveling always crop up. Are you resilient enough to overcome them and not be overly stressed when your “careful” plans go awry?

What’s your family situation?. Singletons have it easiest when traveling, but many people can and do travel with family members. But if your family can’t come with you, how will you cope? How will your family cope? (Note: we can offer short-term therapist assignments in facilities close to your home, close enough that you can a) either be home at night or b) travel back home on weekends.)

You also should consult with a tax advisor. Travel therapists work on a per diem basis. You’ll also receive a housing stipend (if you choose to find accommodations on your own, rather than live in the housing we provide.) This can have tax implications for you and we recommend that you discuss your travel plans with a tax professional.

Be prepared: Some traveling therapist assignments start within two weeks of you accepting them. You’ll need to be packed and make arrangements such as mail forwarding, school registration (for your children) and other moving tasks quickly.

Want to learn more about how to prepare for a travel therapist career? Then contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today!