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Tips For Foreign-Trained Health Professionals Moving to the U.S.

As a foreign-trained health professional, you may have a lot of questions about living and working in the U.S. once you arrive in the country. Sure, you passed your NCLEX and IELTS exam and have undergone the whole immigration process. However, once you arrive, you might have questions about your facility, job expectations, and even questions about day-to-day activities like grocery shopping and paying rent.

In order to make your transition easier, here are some tips to remember.

1. Work closely with your recruiter.
One of the easiest ways to make sure your transition is smooth is to listen to your recruiters and follow their instructions. Your recruiter is there to help you and you should tell them about your goals as well as your concerns. Do not hesitate to talk to them and be honest about how you are feeling or about any issues you are facing.

2. Be ready to learn and grow in the U.S.
Working in the U.S. is a great way to gain valuable knowledge and experience working as a nurse, physical therapist, or medical technologist. Some healthcare staffing agencies will start your training and orientation as soon as you arrive in the U.S. You will begin learning new skills right away and should prepare to get to work quickly.

3. Learn about your new area
Aside from learning about your local grocery stores, schools, and churches, you can also visit restaurants and look up fun things to do in your area. Invite your friends and family to visit these new places with you so that you can quickly become rooted in your new neighborhood.

Looking to find a great recruiter?
Contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing! We work with foreign-trained professionals to find placements in cities across the United States. Plus, we work hard to ensure a smooth transition to the states and all the support you need for success. To learn more, contact us today or apply below!

foreign-trained professionals